About this project

We are living in an unprecedented moment in history. Join us and share your photos of life in lockdown (levels 4, 3 & 2)  - so we can capture our Kaipatiki story of this time for future generations. 

Upload your favourite photos on the website and let’s capture this story together.

How will you remember it and tell future children about it? 
What images most represent lockdown for you?
What are the things that lifted your spirits or kept you going during lockdown?
What is it about Kaipātiki that helped you through?
What was it like to be home-schooled during April 2020? 
What new ways did you use to stay connected to your friends during lockdown?

Let’s celebrate our sense of community and reflect on how we have adapted to a different way of life both during lockdown and as we come out of it. The neighbourhood creativity - such as the Bear Hunt, artwork on display that people are sharing with others, new ways to celebrate Easter and Anzac day - has proved that our community spirit is alive and well! There are other great images people are capturing at home, through their windows and on their neighbourhood walks. 

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Have you already posted photos on Facebook? Please add them to this site too. We'd love to see and archive them for the next generations. As well as showing your photos online, we are looking at using them in the future - for example, we are exploring the option to publish a photo book to have in the local Libraries. Please be aware that by loading your photo you are allowing the organisers to use the photos beyond this website and facebook.

Kaipātiki Alone Together is a community project for all residents of Kaipatiki to document this unprecedented moment in history.

It is organised by the Birkenhead Residents Association in partnership with the Beach Haven and Birkdale Residents Association and with support from other community groups, to cover the whole Kaipātiki area including Beach Haven, Birkenhead, Chatswood, Bayview, Birkdale, Northcote, Glenfield, Hillcrest, Windy Ridge, Totara Vale and Marlborough.

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